Why Parenting Matters and How To Do It Right

Home is the first school, they say. And it is absolutely true which is getting research backing lately. A child in his infancy is like open hard drive, ready to download information from its surrounding and learn. Thus, good parenting is required for child and infant development. In fact, it is even more important than good school and good mentors. Studies have continuously found that kids do better academically when their parents sit down with them for their homework. This is just one of the many good parenting styles you need to follow. In this article we’ll discuss why good parenting matters and how to do it the right way.

A good parenting style has three essential components. First is care, to protect children from injuries and accidents. Parents have to be on their toes to ensure safety of their child. Caring also includes maintaining both physical and emotional well-being. Second is control which involves defining and setting boundaries in ever widening areas of possible activities. Third is overall child development which involves optimizing and maximizing opportunities for your children.

How to parent the right way

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Good parenting style requires a combination of right character, right motivation, right attitude, and specialized skills. Here are some tips to help you become a better parent:

Meet Basic Needs

The most basic survival requirement for child and infant development are food, water, air, and sleep. As a parent, you have to fulfill all of them so that your child can be nurtured well. As your child grows, its basic needs will grow. So you’d have to fulfill them accordingly.


Apart from basic needs, children need affection from their parents. They feel loved, appreciated, and accepted when shown physical affection.

Be Generous

Always praise your kids when they deserve to be. It is important to praise them irrespective of good or bad performances, and particularly more than giving negative feedback. This will induce good behavior from your child and let them realize what’s good and what’s not.

Never Compare

Comparing your child with other kids can do more harm than good. You have to understand that each kid is unique and different in his/her own way. Therefore try to understand your child’s unique needs and then act on it.

Parent As Per The Child and Infant Development Stage

Child development stages go from infancy to toddler to adolescence and so no. Each stage calls for different parenting style. For example, during infancy, you’d have to do almost everything, but during adolescence, kids will want more freedom, but still want to be loved. So by adapting, you’ll ease your task of parenting.

Always Have Your Tougher Side

It is said that loving your child too much can spoil them ahead. While it is not exactly the love that’s the culprit, but the wrong way of parenting. So if you notice bad behavior, it’s your duty to show them the right way by showing your tougher side of parenting.

Good parenting is not only beneficial to the child’s development, but also to the parents themselves and the society. If you raise your child well, you may not have to worry about drug use, substance abuse, or other wrongdoings that more and more kids and getting into these days. This in turn, benefits the society to great lengths. You can have a sense of pride and accomplishment of having contributed to the society. But if you think you need more help on parenting or child and infant development, contact a child care specialist to guide you.

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