Why Is Family Time So Important For Child Development?

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Do you spend enough time with your child every day?

Because if you don’t, then you’re delaying your child’s development. So many researches have shown that it’s essential for your child to spend her time around her parents and her family.

No matter how many hours your child is spending in a childcare facility, quality family time can bring a big boost in child development.

But if you’re not spending quality time with your child and developed an uninvolved parenting style, then you’re doing more harm to your kid than good.

According to Very Well Mind, the children of uninvolved parents usually perform poorly almost in every aspect of life. They also lack proper social and emotional skills that are essential for being successful in life.

That’s why every child, especially children who are in their early childhood stage, should get proper family time.

Here are some reasons why family time is so important.

It Makes Your Child Confident: Child Development

A person sitting on a bed

When you spend more time with your child doing different activities like playing, reading books, or just talking to them, it boosts your child’s development.

This will help your child develop important social, emotional, and cognitive skills that are required for the further growth of your child.

This way, your child becomes less dependent on her childcare provider and become more confident in their own skills, especially in their early childhood.

Therefore, if you want to raise your child into a confident adult, start spending time with her from this very day.

It Strengthens the Bonds: Child Development

Spending more time with your child will help you to create and strengthen family bonds.

When all the family members spend quality time with the child, it’ll make her trust you and other family members. And this will eventually strengthen the bond between your child and the whole family.

This will also enhance your child’s ability to relate, a very important social skill that will help your child succeed in her professional life.

It Fosters Positive Habits

Spending a nice family time will help your kid to perform better at school and to develop positive and meaningful habits.

When you spend quality time with your kids, you not only help them develop important life skills, but you can also influence them to take up positive habits.

Children, especially the ones who are in their early childhood, tend to trust their parents a lot. That’s why it’s easier to instill positive habits in them by having a meaningful conversation with your child.

It Keeps the Stress Miles Away

When you use an open and positive parenting style and encourage everyone to share their thoughts during the dinner, after lunch, or at the weekends, you make it easy for your child to come straight to you and share if something is bothering them.

When you share your feelings and thoughts freely, you feel less pressure and less stress.

So, when your kid feels confident enough to tell everything that is going on in their life, they feel more light and less stress.

As stress can hinder your child’s cognitive development, by arranging quality family time can successfully keep the stress miles way.

In the End…

Whether your child is in their toddler stage spending most of their day-time in a childcare facility or they’re in their early childhood who have started their preschool, quality family time is important.

 It not only help your children to be more confident but also fosters positive habits and deepen your bond with them.

That’s why family time is so important.

PS: Do you and your family spend enough time with each other?

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