Why Buying Non-Toxic Toys For Your Children Is Important

When shopping for children, especially infants and toddlers, toys are the first things that come to mind. They’re a great entertainment tool for them that also provide the first educational experience to them. Toys are also the playroom essentials and you’ll find them in nearly all child care centers. But what many people are unaware is the fact that some of these toys contain which can prove fatal for your child’s childhood and beyond. Many toys are manufactured using synthetic compounds which are deemed as hazardous to children of all ages. Kids have this habit naturally of putting random stuffs in mouth, therefore parents should be extra caution of their safety. But the good news is almost all of these harmful chemicals have non-toxic substitutes, and this way you can ensure safety of your child.

Health Effects of Toxic Compounds on Children

Children are more sensitive to toxic compounds than adults. Their skin surface is larger as compared to their weight, the respiratory volume is higher, and so is their food metabolism. Their skin is considerably thinner too. Thus, they can absorb more toxic compounds than an average adult. Moreover, their nervous system and defense mechanism is still developing and isn’t fully functional to provide safety against these substances once they get in.

Once these toxic compounds gets inside the bodies of children, they can cause myriad of health problem during childhood and adulthood. These will not poison your children, but will start getting accumulated inside the body. And once they are present in enough amount, they can initiate various diseases and even life-threatening ones like cancer.

Some Toxic Compounds Found in Toys

Toys available in the market are usually mass manufactured in the factories and go through both mechanical and chemical process during manufacturing. In the process, they gain many of these hazardous, toxic compounds. Aniline, lead, chromium, cadmium, retardants, nonylphenol are just some of the compounds. Of all of them, fire retardants or brominated fire retardants are the most dangerous ones because they have been linked with disrupted hormone system and have affected brain functions. They are found in all hard plastic, foam, stuffed toys, etc. They’re banned in Europe, Canada, and the US, but are present in imported toys from China. Thus, it is generally advised to avoid cheap Chinese toys. Another toxic compound is PVC vinyl. These contain volatile chemical compounds which when inhaled are known to cause cancer and hormone related problem. Government organizations around the world are banning these compounds from especially getting in contact with children.

Non-toxic toys alternatives

With the growing evidence of harmful effects of these compounds on children’s childhood, it’s imperative to look for non-toxic toys. Fortunately, there are some easy alternatives which don’t make a hole in your pocket. Handmade toys are one option. Many independent toy makers are selling hand-crafted toys both online and offline which are free from all these toxic compounds. They make use of wood, natural color, and eco-friendly plastic to make their products. Similarly, larger retailers are stocking in products that are labelled 100% safe for children. If your child is below the age of 2, you can check for labelling that says “Safe for children below 2.”

Toys are a playroom essential, but children don’t really need a lot of toys to play with. A handful of them are more than enough. But the few ones should be engaging enough to drive his/her curiosity. Therefore, we advise you to purchase non-toxic toys to ensure safety and so your child can enjoy a bright childhood.

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