Watch Out: Developmental Delays Amongst Young Children

Your kid is almost 10 months old but hasn’t started walking yet? Maybe you’re worried about your little girl who should be crawling by now?

Children tend to reach different stages of development at their own speed. Minor delays are not something you should be freaking out about. However, longer and more extreme delays might be something you should check.

Above all, identifying these delays early is very important. Then, you can take proper steps to help your child overcome these delays in the stages of development.

4 Types Of Delays You Should Watch Out For

1.   Delays In Cognitive Development

Firstly, cognitive development is related to the development of a child’s different cognitive skills since this involves your child’s ability to think, learn, and solve problems.

Secondly, children diagnosed with cognitive developmental delays normally have a hard time communicating with others.

In conclusion, this kind of delay in baby developmental stages usually occurs due to many reasons. For instance, it can be because of injuries, transmitted diseases, and lack of care. Moreover, chromosomal disorders like Down’s syndrome can also affect a child’s cognitive development.

2.  Delays In Motor and Physical Development

Delays in motor and physical development can interfere with the child’s ability. For instance, hold objects, walk, jump, crawl, and other tasks are related to motor and physical skill development.

Eventually, children with delay in motor skill development face difficulty in holding toys and eating with a spoon. Consequently, as they grow, they may also face problems with walking, running, or any other physical task that requires complex muscle movements.

3.  Delays In Emotional, Social, and Behavioral Development

Additionally, other delays in the stages of development include children with different neurobehavioral disorders. For example, kids with autism normally show delays in emotional, social, and behavioral development.

Children with social and emotional developmental delays face difficulty with social and emotional skills such as responding to others, initiating conversation, or keeping eye contact.

4.  Delays In Speech and Language Development

Developmental delays in speech and language may happen for two main reasons. The child may either have difficulty in grasping words and concepts. These are related to delays in the child’s cognitive development.

Speech Disorders

Also, children may have a difficult time uttering complex sentences. This is because of the weakness of their jaw muscles. This is known as speech production disorder.

If your children are not uttering a single word even after 1 year or constantly leaving a specific sound out of words, you should visit your nearest child development center immediately.


It’s tough for parents to hear that their children are diagnosed with one or multiple developmental delays. However, early intervention is a good way to tackle these delays in your child’s development.

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