Top Child Therapy Toys Recommended by a Therapist

A toy on a table

As you prepare for this holiday season, I have compiled a list of the Top best child therapy toys. I have also tried to explain why a child might benefit from this toy. 

Dress Up  

A group of stuffed animals

A cape and a mask is the most popular dress up item in my office. Everyone loves to feel powerful and a superhero cape does the trick for under $10. I see these at department stores a lot.  Amazon has a cool 4 pack for girls for $19.99.


A plastic container on a table

This one may surprise you. And you might be worried that this is not appropriate. But they make these inexpensive toy handcuffs  (usually 5.99 at Walgreens) and they have a release button so you don’t’ have to worry about losing the keys. This is definitely one of the most popular items in my office. And it’s a good way to discuss rules and consequences when you pretend to go to jail. Get the metal ones. The plastic ones are not as good.

Musical anything

Anything that plays music or makes music is a hit. I know what you’re thinking: the noise! But letting kids make their own music is so much better than listening to that annoying video game music play in the background constantly.


Having a set of foam swords is always a cool way to allow some aggressive play without worrying about injuries. I have had these foam swords for years, but they have a great 6 pack of toy swords at Wal-Mart for $11.99.


Any type of board game or card game is fun for all ages. My favorite competitive games are Jenga, Connect Four, and Sorry.   These games build frustration tolerance (the ability to handle hardship without falling apart) and also following rules and directions.

Art supplies

For little kids to teens, anything arts and crafts is a safe bet. Crayons, markers, paint, clay, play-doh, coloring books, or anything that you can design, create or make. Not only does this stimulate creativity, but it is great for attention and focus. You can find these adult coloring books everywhere now. I prefer markers, but some people prefer colored pencils.

Kitchens and Play Food

Definitely a winner for children 3-8 although if you have older siblings, they will probably join in. If you don’t have the budget for a big kitchen, then just get the food and some pots. The Facebook resale sites usually have this one there and you can always find one at a consignment sale.


This is a hands down favorite toy.  I have this portable sand tray (reg. 19.99)from Child Therapy Toys (but  you can use any solid container). As an actual parent, I know that the mess can be annoying. Kinetic sand is a less messy option. But really, find a way to incorporate sand into your life (outside or in the garage) and your children will thank you for it. The sensory benefits are amazing.

So, hope you find some great ideas for child therapy toys.

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