Top 6 Child Toys For 2 Years Old Kids

child toys for 2 year olds

Children are more excited about their new toys. For them, Toys are only their wonderful world. By the time they are 2 years old, they are more excited about sorting shapes and colors, playing with their friends. The toy might be kicking Balls, running around toys and throwing things and all, being playing and roaming with the toys all day.

When shopping for children whether it is a boy or a girl, remember to buy the toys that help your child to teach something new at his growing age. This main focus will help them to play and learn something new. For example- if they enjoy watching you when you ride a bike, then buy them a toy bike. This will get him the knowledge about the bike parts.

Modern Child Toys For 2 Years Old Kids

A small plastic toy

1. Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

This is the cuties walking away 2019 Good Housekeeping Institute Toy Award because Children will love these 12 pegs that are colorful and easy to grasp. A parent who loves how every piece stores neatly away inside the hedgehog’s body, making the toy easy to store. 

This toy is especially for girls. In review, girls enjoy playing with it a lot.

2. Stacking Peg Board Set

A close up of a toy

This pegboard helps you, toddler, to learn some new skills; stacking the pegs works on fine motor skills, and arranging those (by shape, number, or pattern) works on counting and sorting. These Pegs are large enough that help children to grasp easily. Additionally, this Peg Board set comes with a storage bag that fits all the boards and pegs.

There are best gifts for the 1-year-old baby as the first birthday gift.

3. Storytime Buddy

This toy is very cute and fun-loving, as there is some music that can be played through the front five buttons on his collar. He will read the story about these puppy pals. The button on his feet can also do interactive things, like explore the music or ABCs.

4. Let’s Dance Elmo

This is a very interesting toy that can dance, play music, and wiggles to the beat. Additionally, it can encourage you by saying things like, “Elmo is ready for a dance party! It has a heart-shaped button on this chest, plus His headphone doubles as a carrying handle!

Your child will love to dance with him; this will be my guarantee.

5. Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck

This food truck is made for friendship. It encourages people of 18month to play with each other. One can be the maker, and the other be the customer! On the side of the truck it has everything that needs you to prepare the food ( including register, cash, light-up grill, service bell), and this truck has a wheel that can roam nearby and help the child to sell his food and make a new customer.

6. DUPLO Steam Train

This toy helps the brain of a child to build as it contains 59 pieces of railway track and train. The child first has to arrange all the puzzles or pieces, and then he can place the train and simply push forward and backward the train and play moving along. If he wants his friends to play with him, then it also contains “action bricks” that make the train do things like toot its horn or turn on its lights. This will be the most fun-loving toy for a 2 years old child. 

The Bottom Line

These above toys will have a great impact on your child and help them to grow smarter. The caution is that take care of your child while he plays and see to him/her so that they cannot swallow the part of the toy. Be the best friend of your child and help them to enjoy their childhood.

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