Top 4 Cognitive Stages Of Child Development

Stages Of Child Development

What will your children learn in the early development stages? When will they learn the intellectual skills and interact with the environment? What are these cognitive stages of child development?

Smart parents always think of these questions during their child’s development stages. What do we mean about smart parents? Most of the parents are interested in schooling and health of their children. But, smart parents always think about how the child will learn essential skills in his/her development stages.

Jean Piagent, a French psychologist, answered all the questions related to cognitive development stages. Piagent has developed and explained the cognitive development stages of children.

Are you interested to know about the stages developed by Piagent? If yes, then we have explained all the child development stages thoroughly.

Piagent’s Cognitive Development Stages

The Sensorimotor Stage (Birth to 2 Years)

Know About The Stages Of Child Development
Know About The Stages Of Child Development

This is the earliest development stage where your child will learn about reacting with nearby objects. It’s a stage that is full of learning and dramatic growth. In this stage, children will be discovering about the environment and world. This stage is very short in terms of time, but your toddler learns physical actions like standing, crawling, walking, etc. This is one of the most critical stages because children are more responsive to the environment and the closed ones’ languages.

The Preoperational Stage (2 Years To 7 Years)

At this stage, kids are more into curricular activities and different types of sports. However, they still lack logical thinking and understanding other’s opinions. Children in this stage gain different skills from their environment and concentrate on the world around them. However, they tend to develop an egocentric nature and become more stubborn. This is a challenging phase for both children and parents.

The Concrete Operational Stage (7 Years To 11 Years)

While children are more egocentric and stubborn, but they start learning about logical thinking. In this stage, the egocentric nature starts fading, and they understand other’s opinions and answers. They learn to understand emotions, feelings, and responding to others.

The drawback of this stage is they are scared to share their opinions, feelings, and thoughts. They feel their thoughts are unique but often not confident about sharing them.

The Formal Operational Stage (Age 12 And Up)

This is the most crucial and challenging phase for both parents and children. In this stage, logical thinking increases that develop an understanding of hypothetical ideas. Everyone is more interested in potential things and things related to science and technology at this adolescent stage.

Are you wondering why this stage becomes challenging for children? Hypothetical ideas changes to issues, and children tend to make blunders. Above all, the imbalance of hormones keeps them active, and they start overthinking about their environment.

Importance Of Stages Of Child Development
Importance Of Stages Of Child Development

At this point, parents struggle to understand their child’s opinions and emotions. Above all, children mess up things because of their anger and stubborn nature. At last, parents should also understand about different child development components.

Final Words

These were the four cognitive child development stages that every parent should understand. If your toddler is struggling to learn or pay attention to the environment, take a cognitive assessment. It will help you to learn about your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

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