The Life of an Entitled Parent

There is a lot of talk about entitled parents these days. But what does entitled really mean? It means you feel entitled to something, and that you expect others to give it to you without any effort on your part. As such, entitled parents are often people who believe they deserve the best for their children but don’t think twice about how much work it takes to get there. Here we will discuss the life of an entitled parent in detail – from birth all the way up until college.

Entitled parents often have high expectations for their children

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One of the defining characteristics of entitled parents is that they have very high expectations for their children. They expect them to excel in school, get into a good college, and eventually land a high-paying job. But they don’t always put in the work themselves – instead, they rely on others to help them meet these high standards.

Entitled parents are often obsessed with getting into a good college

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They want the best school for their children, and don’t care how much it costs to get there. For them, an Ivy League education is worth every penny – even if they have to take out student loans or pay off credit cards in order to do so! And once they finally get their child into the college of their dreams, they’re not done yet – entitled parents will do whatever it takes to ensure that their children get good grades and maintain a high level of academic achievement.

Entitled parents often expect their children to support them financially

Once the kids are out of college and working, entitled parents often expect them to help support them financially. They may even have unrealistic expectations about how much money their children should be able to make. After all, they’re entitled, right?

Entitled parents also have high expectations when it comes to social status

In many cases, entitled parents will expect their children’s friends and romantic partners to be wealthy or come from a similarly privileged background. If this isn’t possible, they might even try to find ways for them to improve their current situation – whether that means going back to school, finding a higher-paying job, or finding a wealthy husband.

Entitled parents often feel entitled to give their kids everything

They don’t mind spending money on toys, clothes, and other “essentials” that most children need. They also aren’t afraid of spoiling them or giving into temper tantrums if necessary – after all, they’re just being good parents! On the surface it may seem like they’re just trying to do what’s best for their children, but in reality entitled parents are often more interested in satisfying their own needs.

Entitled parents often lack empathy for others

Entitled parents may not care about how their behavior impacts other people. They might take up all the best parking spots at the mall, not think twice before cutting someone off in traffic, or even talk on their cell phone during dinner without considering those around them! Like it or not, entitled behaviors like these can be very annoying to those who have to deal with them.


The entitled behavior of entitled parents can be very frustrating for those who have to deal with them. If you’re expecting, it’s important to remember that your child doesn’t need the best grades or the highest test scores in order to succeed – no matter how demanding their entitled parent is.

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