Raising An Only Child Boy- Tips To Follow

raising an only child boy

I have always wanted five girls, loud and crazy, caring and exciting forever. It never occurred to me that one day I will have just one.

Now, I’m here, though. An infertile single mother for a little boy, who has more, but who is also realistic that the chance never comes. After all, my daughter can only be one.

I did my studies, therefore. I heard all the negative stereotypes about only children like most parents, and I tried to do all that I could to help my child escape this destiny. This led me to these nine tips on which I intend to base my own theory of only child parenting.

There Can Never Be Enough Playdates.

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Research published in 2004 in the Journal of Marriage and Family has shown that only children with siblings appear to have “bad social qualifications.”

But this does not mean that the only one is supposed to flounder. It will help to offset this deficit if your child is exposed to a variety of social conditions and allows her to engage with her peers from an early age.

Allow for freedom.

Parents appear to spread a little thinner with more children. That means children with siblings don’t have a mother or father hovering every minute over them.

In reality, that can be a positive thing for freedom and personal passions. Both features can not be built as many as children can. I know that our dynamics against the world are so much with my daughter and me that I often forget to stand back and let it fly for its own sake.

It is the only way I can always grow her own wings pushing myself to give it space.

Encourage individualism.

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According to “the only case for the infant,” only children with siblings are more likely to be socially validated and have a chance of adjusting themselves, says Susan Newman. This could make them more vulnerable to peer pressure.

To discourage this, love your child’s individualism from an early age. Help them to make a difference, not part of the crowd.

Ignite passions.

Would you like to kill a few birds? Engage the children outside the house in sports.

This not only allows them the ability to socialize and explore which of these things they might be enthusiastic about but also encourages them. It could give rise to some individuality and self-conception which can only benefit all children but maybe particularly all of them.

Mirror healthy relationships.

The only appears to have a greater likelihood of divorce, according to a 2013 report by the Ohio State University.

Researchers theorized that this is due to the decreased social competencies. Only children with siblings just like they don’t have to learn to compromise. The results of the study showed that protection against future divorce increased with each additional child up to seven. But it doesn’t just mean that you should feel under pressure to have more children just because there’s a partnership.

After all, several other factors are involved in a potential divorce. One way to help is to reflect a stable marital partnership. Or look for other couples that can serve as those in your extended family and friendship circle.

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