Raising a Strong Willed Child Book Review

raising a strong willed child book

An Overview

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“Raising a Strong Willed Child” book has been on the market for ten years, and it has millions of copies in print. Although I often see favorable reviews in online book review sites, I still received a high number of negative reviews from readers when I first gave this book a chance. My biggest problem was that the negativity was so overwhelming that I started to wonder whether these people were being serious when they wrote such negative comments. After several attempts to solicit feedback from people, I decided to publish this article, which is what I’m doing here.

Dr. Long and Dr. Forehead do a great job of presenting their viewpoint and reasons for offering this book to parents. However, they leave out some important details that might cause you to look closer. That is why it is important to read this book with a critical eye. You can’t depend on what you read from a book review website to make your decision.

Positive Impact

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At the start of the book, the authors give a description of a child, who is the stereotypical kid that resists authority. This child acts out as a real toddler and doesn’t seem to know when to stand up for himself. As the story continues, you learn that there is more to this little boy’s resistance than meets the eye. The parents’ encouragement and support are what leads to an adult child becoming an active participant in his own life. In other words, he decides what he wants to do and then acts upon that choice. The child isn’t just suffering, but rather is on the road to becoming an independent person, with good social skills and a positive outlook about life.

There are some common problems and conflicts that parents commonly face with their children. These include issues regarding discipline and independence. The book talks about these topics in a bit of detail. For instance, parents often worry that if they punish their children harshly, they will become more aggressive. This isn’t necessarily true, but it certainly has been the result of many parent/child relationships that have survived.

Beautiful Insights

As you read this book, you’ll notice that it is not only a great story, but it is also written in a very helpful way. It can make a lot of different insights into how to be a loving and reasonable parent. If your child seems to have trouble in any area of life, there is help. There are solutions to many problems and the advice is available in this guide. You will find that it is very easy to understand. In fact, some of the strategies suggested in the guide may surprise you and make you think about certain things that you have always done but never thought of before.

Raising a Strong Willed Child by Lisa Nichols is an excellent book that every parent should have. Although it is geared towards young children, it can be used effectively with older children as well. It is the type of book that has been used in homeschooling for many years and with a lot of success. The advice in this book has worked for hundreds of families.


With Raising a Strong Willed Child by Lisa Nichols, you can learn some new strategies for raising a strong willed child and feel better about yourself when you do. If you are looking for information to help make your home family more successful, this is one book that you can not go wrong with. It is a quick read, yet it does provide a lot of valuable advice that will help you and your child.

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