Raising a Compassionate Child In The New Digital Age

The use of technology is increasing day by day. Parents are asking the question, “How much of it is actually enough for my child?”. In this digital age, raising a child is getting difficult with child becoming more stubborn and addictive to social media and all. But it is the parent’s love and affection for the child which will help you raise a compassionate child and not the technology. Here are some ways for child development in this digital age:

Teach the value of physical in-person conversations

Technology has made life convenient, but relationships and life can’t be built or sustained digitally. No matter how realistic the virtual experience becomes, it can never replace the physical in-person experience. You should communicate this to your child frequently and teach him the benefits of having meaningful in-person conversations.

Teach the difference between physical and virtual world

Raising a Compassionate Child In The New Digital Age

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Virtual interconnected world is a notorious place to get lost in. When you first explore it, it can get quite addictive and may cut you off from real, physical world experiences. Therefore, you should educate your child on how to navigate the virtual world properly.

Practice empathy

Empathy is still an effective tool to raise your child in this digital world. By showing empathy, you set an example to your child on how to react to situations both in online and real world. Empathy also means having a calm attitude and showing kindness to others.

Importance of tone should be taught

Tone is heavily misunderstood even among teenagers and adults. Tone, emotion, and intention get even more complex in digital age. Thus, it’s important to teach your kids that while having a conversation online, it’s important to emphasize tone as they can’t see your face and hence cannot read facial expressions.

Be consistent with your parenting style

Whatever steps you take to raising your child in this digital age, it’s important to be consistent with your approach. Being inconsistent confuses your child of what’s expected and what’s not expected. Being consistent also help your child become punctual and consistent in his/her activities.

Help your child recognize kindness

Spotting and recognizing kindness goes a long way when raising your kid in this digital age. An act of kindness can sparkle that humanity in your child and enable him/her to becoming a better person.

Limit screen time

Raising a Compassionate Child In The New Digital Age

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The Obamas, Gates, and Jobs of the world all have publically and vocally said about limiting their child’s digital consumption and have made strict guidelines for using technology in their home. For example, there’s no TV for Obama’s children after 9PM. Similarly, Bill Gates doesn’t allow smartphones to his kids until they hit a certain age. Therefore, you should find out your own way of limiting screen time for your kid.

Be flexible with your child care approach

But being overly strict regarding your child’s digital consumption can backfire. Knowing what your kid is doing right with digital media and then prepare guidelines based on that. Technology is here to stay and you can’t eradicate it completely, you can only limit its usage.

The digital age has brought about a lot of benefits for child development, but it should be kept in check. They are machines after all and can be used as a tool to manipulate children. But with the true love and support, you can definitely raise your kid to be a compassionate person irrespective of what age it is. If you need more information on this, you should consult a child care specialist.

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