Playtime For Boys And Girls Of All Ages

unisex child toys

One of the most popular children’s toys is unisex child toys that appeal to both boys and girls. Children have fun building and playing with these toys and often enjoy the process more than the finished object. Some kids might prefer a certain style of toy over another, but most of all, they are happy with the fun they are having. If you are in the market for some great ideas for boys and girls of all ages, then look at this list of unisex child toys and games.


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This fun game is perfect for boys and girls of all ages. A fun activity is to see how many pancakes can be covered in one minute. Play this unisex child game by having each kid cover one side of a large paper plate with either pancake stuffing or other items.

Double Dutch

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In Double Dutch, the kids must race to the finish line first by clicking on their mouse when the whistle blows. They can also change color if they click on an object. After all, objects are clicked, the player has to move to the end of the runway. They must return to the beginning of the runway, and the objective is to reach the end in the least amount of time. These fun unisex child toys are sure to keep the kids on their toes and entertained.

Learn To Count With Strap N Go

This popular game can be played with two or more children, and it is sure to be a winner for both. With Strap N Go, the children must click their mouse when it hovers over the gamepad and must count as they click. The kids must then drag the doll along the game board to the goal line. When they reach the goal line, the music stops, and it is time for the children to try to stop the doll from landing in the dog-box.

ABC Block And Match

Great for unisex children’s parties; this is a game that will have all the children laughing. It is a game where blocks are placed on the board, and the kids have to match the right color on the block with the corresponding color on the corresponding block. When the right color is clicked, the corresponding square is filled with an apple. This unisex children’s party favorite is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Ride On Gecko

This fun and educational game for both boys and girls. In this game, the gecko jumps from one platform to another. The children must click their mouse when the lizard lands on the platform and must drag it over the play area to continue playing. The best part is no age restrictions. This unisex game is sure to bring a smile to the face of every little girl.

Sparkling Time

Get ready for this unique and interactive game for little ones. This unisex game is played by having the children play a relay race. There is a time limit, and the winning child gets the prize before time runs out. This unisex game can also be played with the little boy.

Final Words

These are just a few of the many great toys that are available for little boys and girls. There are numerous unisex toys on the market that can excite and entertain boys and girls. If you have been looking for a way to get your children engaged and having fun, then take a look at the wide variety of toys that are available in the marketplace today. With so much choice, you are certain to find a toy that will appeal to the child you want to bring into your home.

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