Parenting Tips For biracial Children

raising a biracial child

Some of my black friends have raised a biracial child. They said that they felt that it was better to raise a biracial child in the Black community because in the past there have been a lot of abuse directed at biracial children in the Black communities. This is why I said that the biraciality issue should be handled by the community itself. If those parents had the wherewithal to provide the same pieces of information to the predominantly white parents that expressed concern about raising a biracial child, perhaps they would not have taken such ill advice, especially the initial point made by those that were against the concept of biraciality.

An Overview

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In the past the only place that you could raise your biracial kid was in the segregated south. You had to move to a different part of town and get away from the White people so that you could raise your kid right? So why would you do this now? Many parents in the mostly White neighborhoods are doing it now. I am not trying to say that every neighborhood is doing it, but it is certainly on the rise and it is not a reflection on the Black family as a whole.

The question that I have for those that are against the idea of a two-racial baby coming from two White women is this; why are you against the idea of freedom and liberty? The white people who wrote the majority of the U.S. Constitution were mostly white people. Do you really think that the founding fathers would have supported a nation where the only people allowed to live were people of one race? You may not like to hear this now, but I am telling you, that if you are against the notion of a kid being raised by two Black women, then I bet you feel the same way about an Asian parent raising a Black child.

Parenting Tips For Biracial Treatment

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There is no reason why the white mother should not raise her kids to be exactly what they are. That is their privilege to do what they want with their children. You cannot expect the other part of the equation to conform to what you believe in. It is a free country and everyone is free to do what they want.

Now, there is a difference between raising a biracial child and a normal one. We must never forget that we are all different and that our skin color is not what determines what people think about us. A lot of times, biracial children get a bad rap because of the things that people say about them. Just because their skin color is not white does not mean that they are not as good as others.

The thing that a lot of people do not understand is that being mixed-race does not make a person a better person. A person can be very nurturing and loving to a white child, but they will have a hard time doing it to a biracial child. There are so many differences between the two. Having a biracial child of any race is a great opportunity. We can learn a lot about each other and help each other through difficult times. People assume that if you are multi-racial, you have accepted all stereotypes about our society, but this is not true.

One way that you can make raising a biracial child easier is to get them to embrace all of the positive traits of their parents. If you have a white parent, embrace that, even if it is just in their demeanor. If you have a black parent, make sure they know how much you love them and how much you appreciate everything that they have done for you. That is how you show your true colors, not by your skin color.

Bottom Line

You have to understand that at some point in your child’s life, he or she is going to ask you about your racial identity. Make sure you are able to answer honestly and fully. This will be an important issue for your child throughout his or her life. You don’t want your child to have any doubt about his or her true racial identity. Make sure your child has the tools he or she needs to survive in this new world. Using these parenting tips for biracial children, you can do that.

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