Parenting Guide – Choosing An Effective Guide

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With the number of parenting books, guides, and articles available online these days, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right parenting guide? Sure, there are guides that will talk about your child in a good way, and some that will lead you down the wrong path.

In order to be certain you’re making an informed decision; here are some tips to help you choose an effective parenting guide.

Don’t point out negatives: Just because you think the parenting guide is lacking in one area doesn’t mean it has nothing negative to say about the parenting style you might adopt.

By pointing out the negatives of a parenting style; you can only end up hurting your child or confusing them with conflicting information.

Parenting Guide - Choosing An Effective Guide
Parenting Guide – Choosing An Effective Guide

You don’t have to believe everything in the guide: Once you’ve exhausted all the positive things about the guide; don’t believe everything on the list. Even if you do agree with a few of the guide’s points; it’s not worth adding them to your parenting style

Find out more: There’s no harm in inquiring about the author of the guide. Some may even welcome the chance to answer your questions about parenting. Others won’t.

Tips On How To Use The Guide

You don’t have to use the guide to do what you would have done anyway; A lot of people use parenting guides to establish their parenting style so they can start doing what they want to do anyway. If this is your plan, stick with doing what you want, not what you think your child needs.

Learn from your mistakes: No parent can continue to do the same mistakes over again. Avoid repeating the same mistakes by learning from your mistakes and then applying those lessons in the future. Learning from your mistakes will also prevent you from doing the same mistakes again.


Your experience influences the guidelines: You should look for a guide that looks at your individual situation and what you’ve been through. Many guides tend to focus on only the ones who were raised in the same home as you. Look for a guide that examines your unique situation and what factors may have contributed to your personal circumstances.

The guide should be able to give you options: This may sound odd, but it’s an important thing to note. Instead of suggesting every possible option for raising your child, you need to be given options.

Consult A Professional

You need to be given options based on the advice of your professional family health care providers. However, you can’t make your decision without finding out as much as you can about the issue.

These are not the only options available: Although the authors of these guides say their options are the best; you should remember that your situation may be different from theirs. Keep in mind that while some options may be good for others, they may not be effective for everyone.

Parenting Guide - Choosing An Effective Guide
Parenting Guide – Choosing An Effective Guide

Information is not the same everywhere: In the US, just about every state requires that children receive medically accurate and current information before being enrolled in school. As a result, you need to make sure you’re reading about the same things that the average student is being taught.

Be prepared to be challenged: It’s likely that when you first start reading the parenting guide, you’ll be met with a lot of questions. Be prepared to do your homework so you know exactly what the parenting guide is talking about.

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