Online Early Childhood Education Degree Programs At USM

online early childhood education

A degree can be obtained from a college or university in less time than it would take to earn a traditional education. Prospective college and university students can pursue an online early childhood education degree through a variety of degrees. A bachelor’s degree can take a couple of years to earn depending on the level desired. An online early childhood education degree course can provide more flexibility than on-campus education for those who enjoy this mode of study.

Takes Less Time

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Online college courses take less time than those required of a full-time student. An associate’s degree typically takes two years to complete. A bachelor’s degree requires four years of undergraduate coursework and will take longer to complete than an associate’s degree. These higher levels require more credits and will take longer to earn than an associate’s degree.

Students who already have work experience in the field can complete an associate degree or bachelor’s degree as long as they meet certain criteria. First, students must be at least 18 years of age. Second, they must have completed or be eligible to begin earning a certification. Third, applicants must have completed an approved early childhood program and pass a standardized test.

Online programs are helpful for those with family obligations and jobs that prevent them from attending classes regularly. Earning an Associate’s degree allows students to transfer into a Bachelor of Arts or Associate of Science program that focuses on a specific field. Special education and teaching opportunities may be available through these programs. Online early childhood education programs also provide opportunities for working adults who want to earn a diploma without taking the time to return to school. Online certification programs allow working adults to obtain certification while attending to other responsibilities.

Early Childhood Education Programs

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A university offers a variety of early childhood education programs, including teacher education, science programs, and professional development. The University of Minnesota offers an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Development. This program prepares students to become effective leaders in school, while preparing them for professional advancement. Other universities offer bachelor and master’s degrees in early childhood development. The University of Michigan offers a bachelor’s program in childhood development; a master’s program in early education; and a doctoral program in this area.

Typically Spends Four Years, From Start To Finish

A university typically spends four years, from start to finish, in developing an educational curriculum and in providing courses that qualify as part of this curriculum. Coursework typically includes reading, writing, basic mathematics, science, social science, and life experiences. For associate degree-holders, coursework typically takes two years, from start to finish.

Summing Up

At the University of Southern Illinois University, an online associate degree-holder enrolls in an undergraduate program that is designed to prepare him or her to enter the workforce after graduation. The undergraduate curriculum at USM is broken up into specialized disciplines, including Early Childhood Education and Development, which provide students with the foundation for advanced work in this area. Classes in this curriculum cover early detection of health problems, development of a child’s cognitive skills, and the nature and methods of teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. Classes that help students prepare for their state licensing examinations are also offered by this university. In addition, business administration courses help students obtain licensing to run businesses in various fields.

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