Most Unique Child Musical Toys List

child musical toys

Multipurpose toys are music to our ears, which is why we love musical toys! These special playthings aren’t just entertaining—they can boost your child’s mood, get them moving and even help them learn. The category is divided up into two main types: toy musical instruments and toys that play music. Both immerse kids in the wonderful world of sound, which helps develop their senses and might even strike up an interest or talent in the art form. Best of all, there are unique musical toys for babies, toddlers and older kids. So no matter what stage your little one is at, you can incorporate music into playtime. Ready to tune up your child’s toy collection? Check out our favorite musical toys below, conveniently organized by age.

Manhattan Toy Lullaby Squirrel Pull Musical Crib and Baby Toy

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Talk about a creative (and super-cute) design. Pull the squirrel from the acorn to hear Brahms’ “Cradle Song”—the lullaby will play as the critter wiggles back up into the nut. The song serves to comfort baby, while the tactile experience (it doubles as a crinkle toy) plus the moving animal will further stimulate baby’s senses. It works as a musical crib toy (just be sure to remove it when baby is sleeping) or an on-the-go plaything.

Baby Gund Flappy the Elephant Musical Elephant

When you push this sweet stuffed elephant’s right foot, it flaps its ears and plays a song. When you push its left foot, it moves its ears over and off its eyes for a game of peekaboo. Who knew musical toys for infants could be so cool?

Baby Einstein Octoplush Plush Toy

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Like many of the best musical baby toys, this octopus music toy does a whole lot. The legs are embroidered with colored designs. Squeeze them to hear each hue’s name in English, French and Spanish, followed by a classical melody. These features make the stuffed animal great for cuddling, but also for learning as baby gets older.

Melissa & Doug Musical Farmyard Cube

Capture baby’s attention with a whole host of sounds, sights and textures. This plush cube is equipped with everything from mirrors and graspers to pressable noses. The latter play farm animal noises as well as delightful songs when pushed.

Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe Activity Play Mat

Here’s yet another musical toy for babies that seems to do it all. The modern play mat offers plenty of sensory experiences—30 songs and 18 separate activities, to be exact.

Done by Deer Musical Toy Antee

We’re obsessed with the shape of this musical toy for babies, which is designed to resemble a surprisingly adorable anteater. Use it as a musical crib toy or attach it to your stroller. Then, simply tug the tail to hear a tune.

These are some of the best child musical toys to invest in.

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