Kid-Friendly Products You Should Be Using For Your Children

Parents are always concerned about what to feed their young children when nurturing them. But they should equally be concerned about what goes on their body, i.e. the products their body gets in contact with. When parenting a child, especially an infant or toddler, it’s important that you embrace clean living and non-toxic products. Kids are exposed to harmful chemicals on a daily basis, some of which can pose long term threats. Young children who are developing rapidly both physically and mentally are more sensitive to the effects of these chemical compounds than those of adults.

What are toxic compounds and how are they harmful to children?

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Unfortunately, many stuff that we use everyday and tend to buy for our baby contain some traces of these toxic compounds. Toxic compounds are those synthetic chemical compounds that are manufactured for the sake of creating everyday goods but can potentially harm human beings if went unchecked. Some of the toxic substances found in these goods are: nickel, cadmium, lead, PVC, bisphenol-A, chlorine bleach, phthalates etc. In food that we feed children for nurturing them, artificial additives, fertilizers are some of the toxic compounds. These compounds are considered bad for nurturing your children. Therefore, you really should put in the effort to categorize products that contain toxic elements and those that don’t. You should also check that child care facility your child is going to contains minimal or no toxic products. Here are some of the non-toxic products you should be shopping for in your next supermarket visit:

Baby soap.

The soap you used to shower your baby with should be a non-toxic product. The soaps for adults are made from many different chemical compounds which babies are too sensitive for. The soap should have good moisturizing and nourishing quality.

Natural detergent.

When you’re using detergents to wash your children’s clothes and bedsheets, then go for natural detergents as opposed to detergents with multiple quality. They too contain lot of compounds in them which simply the baby doesn’t require.

Non-toxic children’s toothpaste.

Most toothpaste contain fluoride in them which is a good plague removing element. But it’s not recommended for children as they cannot spit it out and will consume it instead. Therefore, shop for non-toxic product toothpaste that’s ideal for children under the age of 2.

Non-toxic toys.

Toys are one of the biggest source of toxic compounds, yet they are the most bought products for children. While shopping for toys, check out its manufacturing label and look for compounds. If there is a mention of lead and nickel, then you should avoid it. Nowadays, toys are being available with age parameters on them, like for 2 years and younger, 4 years and older and so on. You can hence shop according to the age of your child.

Baby nursery and bedding furniture.

Toddlers spend at least 10 hours sleeping, therefore you should provide them a clean and safe sleeping environment. When shopping for baby furnitures, look for the label kid-friendly. They should have non-toxic paints and free from formamide. Same goes for choosing mattresses and pillow covers for children.

Natural baby skincare products.

The skin of babies are extremely delicate, therefore the products you choose to apply of their skin should be designed to handle such delicacy. Best skin care products for children are the ones which doesn’t clog pores and provides best moisturization.

Keeping your children safe from toxic products will help them in the long run. It’ll also provide a safe environment for nurturing them. If you need more information on non-toxic products, you can seek help from a child care specialist.

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