Impact Of Effects Of Parenting Styles On Children’s Behavior

effects of parenting styles on children's behavior

Parents play the most important role in nurturing the children’s life. They expect love, care, and guidance from their parents. The way they raise their children depends on how the child is going to be as a human being. Every child grows up in a different situation and environment that affects a child most. There are also effects of parenting styles on children’s behavior.

Here are four types of parenting that are commonly adopted by parents.

Authoritarian Parenting Effects Of Parenting Styles On Children’s Behavior

Children's Behavior

This parenting style is a dominant one. The authoritarian parents often control their children. Their raising style leads to a lack of communication skills and less confidence in children. These children make themselves authoritarian, as a parent and in interpersonal relationships.

Uninvolved Parenting

Children's Behavior

These parents show low responsiveness and do not interact much with their children. These parents just fulfill the basic needs of children. They offer nothing in terms of support, rules, and not even guidance. In some cases, they neglect their or reject their children and the effects of parenting styles on children’s behavior is severe. It has a great impact on their personality and the children grow up to have an inferior nature.

Authoactive Parenting

These parents make some guidelines and rules that must be followed by children. But they interact, offer support, and give feedback. They motivate and forgive if their children fail to meet the expectations. They are not restrictive and intrusive. They want their children to be socially responsible and cooperative. The effects of parenting styles on children’s behavior are that it increases the level of independence as their children grow and mature.

Permissive Parenting – Effects Of This Parenting Styles On Children’s Behavior

They have fewer expectations of maturity and self-control with their children. They try to be friends as well as parents. Children of this parenting style are creative. These parents are lenient and nontraditional. They focus on the overall development of their child.

Role Of Parenting In Children’s Life

Parents contribute a lot to their children’s life. Children are the most affected by the environment of their homes. Their performance in academics and other activities depends on the parenting styles. As children have to perform several activities together and give their best in each, it is very important to have a parent’s support. Children try to copy their parents in most fields and situations, so it’s parents’ responsibility to be role models for their children. Here are some roles of parenting described below –

  • Interaction is Important – In today’s world mental health is as important as physical. It is very important to interact with and understand children. If they are facing any problem and failing to meet their expectations then parents should motivate and inspire their children with examples. If parents support then children perform best without having fear of failing which results from great success. 
  • Development of skills – Parenting matters in the development of skills. Parents teach their children life skills. They are also responsible for the physical, mental, spiritual, and socio-cultural development of their child.


Adopting the right parenting style is essential to make sure that the kids grow in a happy and healthy environment. It is because a wrong environment can have a negative impact on the kids.

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