How to take care of her parents

First of all, before you get married, it’s important to know if your future in-laws are right for each other … Fathers especially need to think about this because they may have different expectations than mothers when it comes to taking care of the wife’s parents. Here are some tips to take care of your wife’s parents:

Talk to them:

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Make sure you talk to both of them every day even if you don’t have anything to say. If you don’t think you can carry on a conversation, just ask them about the weather and things like that… it’s not important what you talk about as long as you’re talking, they will feel good around you and be more comfortable with you which leads me to my third point…

Be nice:

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This is especially true when it comes to fathers-in-law. They will feel good if their daughter has married someone who treats her well and makes her happy. It was once said that every father wants his daughter to marry a nicer man than he was so I believe this also applies in some way or another. Your wife’s father is not going to be difficult forever but if you’re the kind of man who is always late, drinks too much, and doesn’t like to talk every day, he will make it hard for you. You have to remember that if your wife’s father is hard to get along with, he has been taking care of his daughter for a long time and wants nothing but the best for her future.


Don’t try to change them or tell them how they should be doing things around their own house, let them do it their way! They have been living in that house longer than you have so just respect their decisions… Doing this will make your relationship much easier!

Bring gifts:

It’s always nice when you bring a gift… Just don’t bring expensive gifts often because they will think you are trying to buy their son’s love. If it’s a special occasion like a day or Mother’s day, birthdays or Christmas you can bring more expensive gifts.


If your wife’s parents are living in your house, ask them to help keep it clean… You do not want to come home after work every day to a dirty house with a sink full of dishes. If they are too old to help then maybe they could watch TV while you do some cleaning up? If that doesn’t work then just give it time and one day they will start helping out.

Do what’s best for your wife:

No matter how nice you are, if your wife’s parents don’t like you because you don’t fit their personality type or because you disagree with everything they say, there is nothing much you can do. Do whatever your wife tells you to do, she will be able to help you a lot more than I can.

Get a job:

If your wife’s parents are living in your house and taking care of the bills, you should at least offer to help out but if they say no then don’t push it! Just tell them that when it’s time for them to leave, you’ll talk about how much money is fair for all your hard work. You could also suggest that they pay for groceries next week or cook dinner one night so you don’t have to worry about cooking… By doing this they will feel like they are part of the family instead of just freeloaders. If they were not working before they came to live with you, now is the time for them to start looking.

Get to know:

Your wife and her parents will want you and your future in-laws to get along and they will do whatever it takes for that to happen. Once they feel like you see eye-to-eye on things, life will be much easier! Maybe they would like to spend more time with you so ask if they could watch TV with you one night… They might even invite you out somewhere or let their daughter go out without asking permission first… Just remember that even though this may seem impossible at first, all mothers-in-law can be turned into loving caring people as long as you take care of them well and make them feel needed.

Keep yourself cool:

If you have a tough time with mothers-in-law then let it out on paper or to a friend, but never ever do it in front of them! If they start being disrespectful towards you just tell them that you understand their frustration and that maybe this is not the right environment for both of you… This should be said nicely so as not to offend anyone. Remember that even if they don’t seem very grateful at first, by taking care of them properly and doing what’s best for your wife, they will soon grow to love you as well.


Just remember that a mother-in-law is another woman so treat her as such. Make both of her parents feel like they are your wife’s mother and father, not just someone living in your house or someone you met at the wedding. Do what’s best for everyone, don’t push anyone around and always keep your cool… If you can do all these things then surely you will have nothing to worry about..

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