How to Raise a Happy Child

Many parents set happy children as the holy grail of their parenting style’s success. Even though lasting happiness goes much deep and is more complicated, happy children nevertheless are excellent indicators of your parenting success. Being happy is important during child development process. And how happy your child will be depends on how he/she is raised. You can thus dramatically increase the chances of your child leading a happy childhood by the way you raise him. Remember that happiness is a by-product of emotional health, and emotional health depends on expectations, reality, fulfillness etc. In this article, we’ll explain research-backed ways that makes a happy child and how you can raise one in your family.

Fulfill your own happiness – and your spouse’s

The first step in raising a happy child is providing a happy environment. And that starts off with elder family members – that is you and your spouse. Research has linked depressed mothers with negative outcomes for kids. Thus, parental depression causes behavioral problem in kids. Thus, you need to understand your own happiness and tweak your parenting styles according to raise a happy kid.

Teach your kids the value of relationships

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Family relationships are more important than material things. Therefore, you should teach your kids to value relationships from an early age. Adopting this parenting style will help them take better decisions in the future and not fall for short-term monetary happiness. You can also perform small acts of kindness which will help them build empathy.

Encourage outdoor playing activities

Outdoor playing is an excellent way for kids to improve social skills, which in turn increases their happiness level as they feel belonged somewhere. Climbing trees, running on the grass, sitting on the swing, playing a game together have all been associated with lifting the mood of your child while aiding in development process. Thus, you should make outdoor play at home and child care a routine.

Practice gratitude

Being genuinely grateful for whatever you have is an excellent way to become happier and healthier. You should therefore practice gratitude with kids. You should also encourage kids to write thank you notes to people who help them in everyday life.

Teach your kids self-control

Kids often pick up things that give momentary pleasure for short period of time like ditching homework for watching TV, having an extra cookie, sleeping for some extra minutes instead of doing chores. But all these habits can hurt your children in the long run. Therefore, you should teach kids the value of self-control and how to do it right.

Limit screen time

Watching TV is beneficial to child development, but exposure to too much screen time can actually degrade your child’s health. Cartoon shows, sports show, video games are all quite addictive to children. Studies have found out that children who spend less time on screen and more time on non-screen activities were happier and enjoyed better development.

Assign chores to every children

Children usually don’t live performing chores everyday as they’re boring and repetitive in nature. But studies have suggested that assigning chores to your children can actually make them happier in the long run. It will give them a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. They also help your child teach life lessons.

Happiness stimulates growth and development in your child. Apart from the above, there are many ways in which you can make your child happy. If you see your child is constantly being unhappy, then you should consult a child care specialist or make changes to your parenting styles.

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