Habits Parents Should Ditch In 2019

Whenever you read, hear, or notice other people speaking about bad habits, you usually think about unhealthy consumptions of alcohol, excessive smoking, or plain old procrastination. And you might say, “Well, I don’t have those stinky bad habits.”

Nature vs. Nurture

However, when you’re a parent of a child, the list of bad habits extends further than that.

Recent studies about the nature vs. nurture debate suggest that the environment can play a big role in infant and child development.

Children spend a long time observing their parents, as a result, it’s your job to ditch your bad habits and raise your child to be a better person.

Let’s explore the bad habits that every parent should ditch in 2019.

1.  Tech Addiction

A study about the effects of screen time exposure among children found that children who are up to 5 years old, shouldn’t be exposed to mobile or tablet screens more than one hour a day.

Otherwise, this can be harmful to baby and child development in the long-term.

You, as a parent, can tell your child to not use the phone all the time. However, if you’re checking your phone every couple of minutes and using other addictive tech devices 24/7, eventually, it shows that you’re not teaching your little one the right habits.

2.  Being Too Dominant or Permissive

It’s no secret that your parenting style leaves a long-term effect on your child’s mind and play a big role in his overall development.

That’s why your parenting style should not be too dominant or too permissive since it will have an adverse effect on your child’s development.

Balance Of Both Styles Is Crucial

Secondly, being too dominant may lead to your child starting to keep secrets from you. Eventually, he can even start lying to you to skip harsh punishments.

On the other hand, permissive parenting style can spoil your child’s childhood. Subsequently, giving too much freedom without proper regulation could make your child a bad performer in academics. In conclusion, this will lead them to have a bad lifestyle.

This is why it is necessary to ditch these kinds of styles of parenting and start understanding your child’s needs.

3.  Not Spending Enough Time With Your Child

Parents who don’t get involved with their children is making one of the biggest parenting mistakes.

Nowadays, parents tend to leave the responsibility of their children to childcare providers and don’t interact enough with their children.

Creation Of Stronger Bonds

Eventually, this leads children to develop a stronger bond with their childcare provider than their actual parents.

As a result, when they eventually grow up and don’t get the assistance of childcare providers any more, they tend to feel very lonely. In the long run, it hampers their social and emotional skill development and these children normally end up being unhappy in their life.

This is why it’s important for you to get involved in your child’s everyday life and help in your baby and child development.

4.  Shouting At Your Child

Shouting can leave a catastrophic effect on baby and child development. If you shout at your children regularly, then it can hinder their cognitive and emotional development.

In the long run, this can ruin your relationship with your children and cause them to submerge into depression.

So if you’re yelling at your child, then kill this bad habit right now.

Instead, sit down with your children and talk to them. Understand their concerns and explain your reasoning. This is the only way to get positive results.

5.  Cursing And Being Mean To Other People

You might think that cursing while talking to your friends and speaking in a bad way of other people is not a big deal.

No matter how much you behave well around your child, recent studies about nature vs. nurture contradiction suggest that your child will eventually pick up these bad habits. So, ditch it if you want to raise your child into a good person.

6.  Little White Lies

Little white lies are harmless, right? Well, they’re not. Not when you’re a parent raising your little toddler.

Children have hard times distinguishing between white lies and total dishonesty. Regularly telling white lies around your child may lead him to think it’s okay to lie.

Therefore, ditch telling white lies and stick to the truth.

In the End….

Raising your kids is tough. But raising your kids in the right way so they can be successful is even more difficult.

By ditching the bad habits listed above, you can take the first step to becoming an amazing parent your child would be proud of.

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