Fighting Breast Cancer Alongside Raising The Kids


Fighting Breast Cancer Alongside Raising The Kids. Breast cancer is a type of cancer that affects a round number of about 12% of women in the US alone. This is a vast number, as it means that one in every eight women is a victim of this horrible disease. Breast cancer can show up in the body most commonly as lumps on the breast(s), bleeding, rashes, etc. which may be itchy. It is imperative to get breast check-ups at regular intervals from your gynecologist, to prevent breast cancer. Once it has settled in the woman’s body, it begins to spread quite fast.

Battling breast cancer, such as is the case with any other disease, is extremely difficult. Many a time while suffering from cancer, the chances of death and life may be uncertain, and this also adds to mental worries aside from the obvious physical difficulties. For women who are raising children and/or working and battling breast cancer at the same time, it is doubly hard. They have to fight a life-threatening disease while taking care of their responsibilities as mothers and working women all at the same time.

Fighting Breast Cancer Alongside Raising The Kids
Fighting Breast Cancer Alongside Raising The Kids

Linking Breast Cancer Statistics To Motherhood

More than 90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are found to be the age of 40 years or over. This is the time when women are in their middle ages and are generally settling down by getting married or having children. In actuality, a lot of women have already had one or two children by the age of 40. If a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and does not fall in the other 7% of women younger than 40 years, it means that she will have to deal with her breast cancer as well as raise the kids at the same time.

The Problems And Their Solutions

It is not uncommon for women to be worried about the effects that their breast cancer will have on their children. It is not easy to see your loved ones in pain and anguish. This is especially in the case of when that loved one in question is your mother, and the people seeing this is her children; this is as painful for the mother herself, as well. Many women worry that their struggle with breast cancer will end up taking their kids’ childhood away. They may even end up feeling side-lined in their children’s lives. Some moms said that after their recovery, they began to feel more involved in their children’s lives. Even the children may feel as though they are different from their peers and friends, that they don’t have the same things. Such things come out extremely negatively during adolescence.

A problem that a woman who is raising the kids and battling cancer at the same time faces is that she and her family may run short of money. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, mastectomies, etc. are costly. Patients have no choice but to shell out this money and pay it to survive, no matter what the cost. However, this can turn into a financial burden on the family, too. College funds need to be set up; there is less money available to buy things for the children, etc. However, there is a solution to everything. There are lots of organizations that provide cancer relief funds to cancer patients or those recovering from cancer. There are even organizations specifically for breast cancer. They help families who have women who have breast cancer out; they help these families pay their bills. These charities are a boon to such families that have cancer patients as part of them.

Some More Problems And Their Solutions

There are some women, particularly recent moms, whose breast cancer diagnosis took much longer than it should have. Their diagnoses are sometimes delayed because doctors may sometimes confuse the breast cancer lumps for lumps created due to mastitis or clogged ducts – common after-effects of birth-giving and breastfeeding. Due to this delay, breast cancer spreads to other parts of the breast from its initial place, which is dangerous to the mortality rate of the woman.

Fighting Breast Cancer Alongside Raising The Kids
Fighting Breast Cancer Alongside Raising The Kids

All in all, it is not impossible to be a mother who is raising her kids as well as battling breast cancer at the same time. Women who are in this particular boat are incredibly brave and resilient.

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