Decorate Your House as If It Were A Castle Using This Embroidered Pillows! You’ll Love Them!

Pillows are a must for couches as well as beds. They make the space more comfortable, cozy, and good looking. Pillows can also be used to add a pop of color. There is often confusion as to which design to buy when selecting pillows, well, you can never go wrong with geometric designs. Not only will geometric pillows be a great option for decoration, but they are also very durable and extremely easy to clean as it is embroidered.  If you feel this design goes well with your bedroom or living room, definitely go for this. 

Embroidered Geometric Pillowcases for Decoration 

Embroidered Geometric Pillowcases for Decoration are the perfect choice for making a simple bedroom or living room look cute and elegant. Geometric pillow cases look great, also they add a very subtle professional look to the room. These geometric designs are embroidered which makes them very durable as threads do not get loose or wear out. While a printed pillowcase might fade its color, an embroidered one will stick with you. The pillowcases have a zip closure, you can easily take out the pillow when you wish to wash the pillowcases. Zip closure also makes it very easy to change the pillows whenever you wish to do so. 

The pillowcases are standard sizes and any standard size pillow will fit in it very easily. The pillowcase is made from canvas, cotton and polyester. You can also buy the pillowcases individually or get all four designs if you wish to. If you are one for minimalist designs and your room has a sort of Nordic theme, these pillowcases will be the perfect choice for you. Furthermore, washing these pillowcases will not lead to them losing their color. You can wash these as frequently as you wish to and they will stay just as new.  We have all the reasons you should buy this Embroidered Geometric Pillowcases for Decoration.


  • Material: Cotton, Canvas, Polyester
  • Size: 45 x 45 cm
  • Package includes: (1) Pillowcase
A large bed in a room


  • The designs are embroidered and not printed 
  • The pillowcase is made from cotton, canvas, and polyester 
  • Standard size pillowcase that can fit all the standard pillows 
  • Perfect for the minimalistic look 
  • Can be easily removed for washing 
  • Same day dispatch 
A large bed sitting in a living room


  • Only four designs available 
  • Does not come with the pillow 


This is the perfect pillowcase to go for both living rooms and bedrooms to amp up a simple look. This will make the room look minimalistic but at the same time, very elegant. These pillowcases are very useful as they make the space very comfortable and cozy. The geometric design adds elegance to space. The color is also very subtle and perfect for the minimalistic look you are going for. Also, these pillowcases are very durable, once you get them, you don’t have to worry for at least 10-20 years.

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