Compulsive Liar – Raising A Compulsive Lying Child

compulsive liar

A child who is a compulsive liar can be a headache to parents, but on the other hand a compassionate child can help us to maintain a happy marriage. A compassionate child will do well in school and contribute positively to the culture. We need to be compassionate toward our children because they are our future and an environment where our children live is what teaches them good values.

We cannot prevent our children from making mistakes and being inconsistent. You can recognize their mistakes and give them the benefit of the doubt as to why they did it. Children are not always honest, but they need to learn not to lie. They cannot develop empathy if they have never been lied to.

Compulsive Liar - Raising A Compulsive Lying Child
Compulsive Liar – Raising A Compulsive Lying Child

Tips On Raising Children

Children who are raised in a loving family, and have a nurturing, safe and secure environment will generally grow up to be a compulsive liar. That is what most parents who raise compulsive liars want. It is not always easy to do. You need to be able to set boundaries for your children.

Many children are taught to lie by their parents. A mother will tell her son or daughter something inappropriate to get his attention. This is a gift to the children. They will feel good about lying to their parents and taking advantage of the situation.

The most important thing to remember when raising a compulsive liar is to trust your instinct. You need to trust that your instincts are correct and that you are not putting your child in any danger. When you do this you have done your best to teach them what is right and wrong and make them understand the consequences of what they are doing.

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Raising a compulsive liar will not make your children become good people. You should always hold your loved ones accountable. When you take responsibility you set the tone for your family.

The next thing you need to do is set boundaries for your children. One of the reasons why children lie is because they are afraid of what will happen if they don’t. Make sure that you are consistent in your demands.

If you don’t tell your children they are doing something wrong, they will think it is okay. Your children may listen to you but will eventually realize that you don’t know what is going on in their life. This causes compulsive lying.

How To Make Boundaries

Boundaries should never be violated. It should be maintained at all times. Allowing your children to take advantage of you will only result in more lying.

There are many times when a compulsive liar is simply not in their right mind. Parents will use the most innocent reasons. Saying things like “you don’t really think you’re doing anything wrong” you were just playing.” These are excuses that cause the worst damage.

Compulsive Liar - Raising A Compulsive Lying Child
Compulsive Liar – Raising A Compulsive Lying Child


A loving parent will not lie to their children because they know the truth will cause more harm than good. If you use these types of excuses to get away with the actions you are guilty of lying and then when caught, try to defend your actions.

Hence, we are all born with a moral code and it is not something we can change. It is something that must be lived out. The moral code of a loving parent is one that teaching their children how to live by the rules of honesty. If you really want to be a good parent you will not let your children walk around talking like they are liars.

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