Common Challenges With Raising Deaf Children


If your child is specially-abled, you need to be extra careful in raising deaf children. Their needs are different from those of other children. To address both their physical and emotional needs, as a parent, you should be mentally healthy and patient. There may be times when your child suffers from low self-esteem, but you must be the pillar of strength for them.
Loss of hearing ability is a common disability found in children during the initial years of birth. This disability is not curable in most of cases. Sometimes, deafness is not inborn. It develops with time. Some illnesses and diseases also trigger the loss of hearing ability in children. The life of such children is hard and full of challenges. These challenges are equally faced by the parents too. Some of them are discussed below:

Common Challenges With Raising Deaf Children
Common Challenges With Raising Deaf Children

Making The Deaf Children Wear Hearing Aids

The children diagnosed with hearing issues are often given a hearing aid. This hearing aid is to be worn beside the ear. The problem with small children is that they do not easily understand the purpose of the hearing aid. They are in the habit of touching or pulling it off time and again. Some children also tend to feel uneasy with the hearing aid sitting beside their ears. They do not like wearing it, and as a result of that, the hearing issues are not solved. Parents must keep a keen eye on such matters. The best way to make children wear hearing aids is to keep them distracted from it once it is put. As soon as you put the hearing aid, try to engage them in any activity. In this way, they forget about it and with time get used to it.

Teaching The Deaf Children Effective Communication

Teaching essential communication to children with hearing disabilities is a challenging thing. Since they cannot access any external voices or sound, they grow into introverts. Deaf children are mostly seen to be confined to themselves and live in their world. The way to make them learn communication is through sign language. Try to convey your thoughts to them through different gestures. As you keep on doing that you will very soon notice that they start responding too. You may also hire a sign language teacher for this purpose. Learning the necessary skills of communication marks a significant development in deaf children.

Allow The Children To Be Amongst Other Deaf Children

It is human psychology to bond with like-natured people. In the case of deaf children, too, they bond with other deaf children quickly. They understand each other and discover new things about themselves also. Allow your deaf child to be in company with other specially-abled children like him. Such companionships contribute to the all-round development of such children.

Common Challenges With Raising Deaf Children
Common Challenges With Raising Deaf Children

Be Patient And Understanding

Patience is the keyword when raising deaf children. Do not get frustrated if they fail to understand or respond to you during the initial days. Instead, try to be empathetic towards them and be their strength.

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