Common 10 point of views of parents for their children

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It is common for parents to want the best for their children. However, sometimes they are not aware of how harmful their simple acts can be to them. There are many things that our parents do which might seem normal or even cute at first glance but actually have negative consequences for us in the future. The following points will help you understand what your parents think might be good for you.


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Every parent wants his or her child to be polite with others, so that he or she can have good relationships with people.


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Every parent wants their child to be helpful for them and their family.


Obedience is the most important thing in parents’ minds. It’s crucial because it shows that children are listening to them carefully about what they say. Obedient children are more likely to win over other kids who are not obedient.


As mentioned before, every parent wants his or her child to be popular among kids of similar age groups, but it also depends on the difference in culture & environment of living .


Some parents value balanced children who keep themselves busy with everything at the same time. Resolution is also a common thing for parents to value in their child, it helps kids solve problems by themselves.


Parents usually want their children to learn from them and grow up with high aims & hard work that they have learned from their childhood days.


Some parents believe that being independent makes you more successful in your life, so they want their kids to be independent at a young age. The reason behind this belief is because it’s easier for older people to do anything without any help from others or give trouble to others while doing things for themselves.


Parents always want their children to know everything about everything, might happen because of curiosity which leads us to get knowledge faster & easier.


Parents are afraid of their children being impulsive because it’s not always good for them to do so, they want their kids to have self-control over themselves at a young age.

Social responsibility

Every parent wants their child to be helpful to others by doing any kind of social activity or helping poor people with anything that he/she has.


Parents always want their kids to behave in a respectful manner with everyone. No matter if that person is their parents, friends or even strangers.


Thinking out of the box Parents always wanted their children to be creative rather than mediocre. If they are creative, they can do anything they dream & think about anything in this world without being bound by boundaries in their mind set by others which leads them to success. Especially when your child wants to have an international career, it’s crucial for you as parents because most people around the world never get rid of thinking outside of the box when doing certain things or solving problems .


Some extravert kids are good for because you won’t feel lonely when you are alone or you can make friends easily


Kids should be healthy because it’s important for everyone to keep themselves & others around them safe.


Parents have a different point of view on what they want from their kids but most of the parents share some common goals for their children such as being polite towards people, helpful, obedient(listening carefully), popular among peers…etc. The rest depends on personal opinions. Every parent has own way of handling their children which might have powerful influence on how their child either become successful people in the future or completely useless for themself and their surrounding environment.

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