Children’s Emotions: Good Attitude Without Stifling


We humans are filled with emotions. We have so many emotions, and they keep on changing from time to time, from event to event. Children’s emotions affect not only us but also other people who have bonding with us, our near and dear ones.

But the most impact that our emotions can have is on children. Children can very easily sense the mood of their parents. They become timid if they saw their parents angry or fighting, or they become happy when they see their parents smiling and laughing. The point is the emotions of adults, especially the parents, have a direct effect on the mood of their children.

Children’s Emotions: Good Attitude Without Stifling
Children’s Emotions: Good Attitude Without Stifling

Teaching Children To Be Happy

Now the point is that they should be taught or train our children to be happy no matter what they feel from inside? This, in medical terms, is known as stoicism. In this, people do not react at all; they have the same emotion irrespective of the situation. Whether you feel sad or happy, you need to control your emotions and stay calm all the time.

This seems a bit impossible for children to adopt as many a time adults cannot even control their emotions, then how can e expect children to do it.

Goals For The Children- Children’s Emotions

On the contrary to the above-discussed solution, we must make our children follow these things in life.

The children must show a positive attitude in life irrespective of the situation. Also, they must be free to express their true emotions. Their parents must try and understand their state of mind. Moreover, they must not be ruled by their present emotions.

Also, allowing kids to exhibit their emotions in no way means that they can yell and do whatever they want. They must be taught to use language properly and not use cuss words. They must be taught to behave in front of people and even when they are alone.

Emotions And Events- Children’s Emotions

People must understand that since their sudden burst outs or emotions can have a detrimental effect on the children, they must be in the right frame of their mind even when the situation is not conducive. This will also help the children to see and learn from their parents. So when a situation arises in the life of their children after they have grown, they would always remember how their parents reacted. This will help them deal with the situation properly and not lose their minds during any emergencies.

Also, parents should make their children indulge in activities where they can channelize their energies in a positive direction. This will help them vent their frustration and anger in the right direction so that they do stray if they face adversities in their lives.

Children’s Emotions: Good Attitude Without Stifling
Children’s Emotions: Good Attitude Without Stifling


Parents must always remember that whatever they do now will be followed by their children later on in their lives. Parents must set an example so that it becomes crystal clear for their children as to what is to be done in situations. This will help them do better in their lives.