Children Feel About Being Adopted, Let Us See What They Feel-

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Many adults hardly care about the Children Feel About Being Adopted. Well, I was ‘adopted’ as a baby. I think I was 7 or 8 months old. I came from an Asian country to Asian parents. I always get a giggle when people say I look more like my Dad. It’s only because our ancestors are from the same region in our country. Then again, all Asians look alike, right? Lol. My parents probably could’ve gotten away with never telling me since I look so much like them, but they’re pretty cool people.

I have known from a young age that I was adopted. There was never any reason to hide it from me. I was the only child and given many opportunities that I probably wouldn’t have had if I had grown up in my home country. However, I never felt unloved or that I didn’t belong. I had your typical drama involved in being a kid and growing up, but my parents are my parents. They stepped in when my biological parents couldn’t.

Children Feel About Being Adopted, Let Us See What They Feel-

Children Feel About Being Adopted: Twin Aspect Of Every Story

However, there are two sides to every story no?

Five years ago, my parents were getting ready to move back to the US from our home country. I planned a visit to see them and other families before the big move. It was on that trip that I met my biological mother. My adoptive parents (mom) had done all the footwork locating her for me. We picked her up at a train station – the instant recognition/bond was. We knew who the other was without even saying a word. I didn’t even need a “hello.”

I learned that she was in college when she found out she was five months pregnant with me, a product of a short relationship she was in. She never informed my father. Her father (my grandfather) told her she couldn’t keep me and sent her away to live in another city with my aunt until she was ready to give birth. No one ever knew about me except her family.

Children Feel About Being Adopted, Let Us See What They Feel-

Something Else To Know

I always wanted siblings, and I was anxious to see if I had any. She ended up marrying a man who had two children from a previous relationship. Giving me up had been too painful, so she decided to raise his kids rather than have any more of her own. At first, I felt special knowing that I was her one and only. Her husband never knew about me (since I was born many years before they met), and she didn’t know how to bring it up with him after all these years. No big deal.

My intention of meeting her was not to disrupt her life and cause unnecessary drama. However, as time has passed, I sometimes get jealous of the kids, especially her son, who got to grow up with her as a mom. A little part of me stings from the “rejection” from my biological mom for things that were out of her control. It’s not something I hold against her. It’s not her fault. She was young (20) when she had me.

Some More To Know

My adoptive parents are great. I love them and live the life they have provided for me. They even tell me that I have three parents after we met my biological mom. In fact, my parents recently organized a trip to the motherland to visit her as she is battling stage 4 cancer, and they wanted me to have time to spend with her in case things take a turn for the worse.

I know I lucked out in the adoption lottery. I wouldn’t trade my adoption experience for anything

My birth mother lost her battle to cancer on November 9, 2019. I am so grateful I had a chance to meet her and be part of her life and have her part of mine, even if only for a short time.

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