Child Development Milestones You Shouldn’t Overlook

Seeing their child’s development and watching him grow is one of the best things parents can wish for. During the early development process, children grow the fastest. Their brain development is in full swing and so is the physical development. As a parent, you should look for certain baby milestones during his/her growth period which will indicate that the progress is on track and the kid is developing the right way intended. There are also certain child milestones which indicate need for a child care specialist to look into the matter.

Child Milestones

Developmental milestones are either behavioral or physical developmental signs of infants and toddlers which provide important information about your child’s early development stages. These child milestones are different for different age range. Over time, these form as building blocks for growth and continued learning. These milestones ensure that the development and growth of your child is on track and there’s nothing to worry about. On the other side, if your child doesn’t show signs of these milestones even after few months, then it’s probably time to see a child care specialist.

Here are some child milestones you should track painstakingly and shouldn’t overlook.

0-3 months

During the first three months, your baby is starting to experience the outer world and is showing reactions to the environment for the first time. A two months, your baby should be smiling at seeing you and other people and should be able to hold his head erect for long time. They can understand the tone, emotion, and voice. If your child lacks in any of these, then it’s an indication that there is a problem in his development.

4-6 months

At 4 months, your child is growing even more socially and physically. 4-month old babies mimic the voices they hear and love to babble. Therefore, hearing babbling sounds from your child should be the key baby milestone.

7-9 months

At 7 months old, your child is growing even more rapidly and picking up sounds. “Ma, da, ba, ah” might be some of the sounds you hear. The baby should be able to recognize faces and grasp toys. He/she might even start crawling at around 9 months.

10-12 months

At 10 months old, children become much more mobile and can stand on their feet with some support. They can also comfortably crawl at this age. They respond to their names, can recognize faces, show shyness of strangers, and can even utter out few words.

13-18 months

After completing a year, your child officially becomes a toddler. They become more active, expressive, and curious about the environment. These should be main signs you should track. They start to use words to communicate and can point to objects and follow directions.

19-24 months

At this age, toddlers can sit up right, walk, and talk with few words. He becomes much more attentive and responsive and is open for playing. H also shows interest in interacting with other children.

2-3 years

At 2 years, your child is full of energy and is able to walk, climb, run, jump etc. He is growing his vocabulary and can speak in sentences. He/she may also get involved in activities like sports, singing, painting etc.

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