Child Development Careers That Are Recognized by the Government

child development careers

A bachelor’s degree in child development offers various majors with the abilities needed to pursue a wide assortment of child development careers. Those who graduate with an appropriate degree have the ability to work for the government and other private sectors. Those who are interested in education may also want to consider a career in this field. Those with a master’s degree can become social workers, psychologists or educators. Those with a Ph.D. may become labor or occupational therapists.

An Overview

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Child development professionals work with parents and educators to improve the emotional and physical health of children. Some work in schools and hospitals, while others work privately in private offices or clinics. A high school counselor helps students struggling in school with problems and concerns they may have. Counselors also help students prepare for standardized tests and assist them in completing course work.

An associate’s degree in child development careers typically takes two years to complete. Students majoring in this area learn about a variety of topics, including mathematics, social science, history, English and psychology. Students may choose to focus on one of four areas of study: early childhood, development, educational theory and counseling.

The preschool professional helps children and families get ready for preschool. Preschool is a place where early learning and development begin. Some students work toward becoming kindergarten teachers. Others become special education teachers, first-time coaches, home school teachers or special education instructors. Those who want to be preschool teachers can take classes in elementary or nursery school, childhood education or teacher training.

Different Teaching Methods

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An associate’s degree in childhood education focuses on teaching methods that enhance child development careers. Students learn about mathematics, reading, science, music, social science and culture. The curriculum is designed around the interests and needs of the child. Special topics include early childhood education, cognitive and language development, emotional intelligence, physical intelligence and knowledge-based teaching. Students also learn about world history, geography, history of art, literature and philosophy. A career as a childhood educator requires advanced planning skills and knowledge about current educational standards, research methodologies and techniques.

The National Association of Schools of Pre preschool teachers is the professional association for preschool teachers across the country. Certified teachers must meet a minimum of 200 hours of coursework and practice. It is important to complete an accredited teacher training and certification program. Those who want to have their own day care centers or privately operate preschools must also acquire a certificate. There are currently no federal requirements that allow aspiring teachers to become certified.

Basic Requirements

The requirements to earn a degree in childhood education vary by state. However, all states require professionals to undergo at least a bachelor’s degree with a major in childhood education and at least two years of experience. Some states also require professionals to earn a master’s degree. Earning a degree online will provide you with the same educational opportunities available to those who earned a bachelor’s degree in the field.

Child development careers involve both the education and development of children. These careers tend to be more stable than many other careers. The career options available for child development professionals are vast. Individuals can choose to work as a parent educator, a teacher, a school psychologist, a preschool teacher, a school nurse and even a welfare worker.

Parents can choose to teach elementary school, middle school or high school. If you would rather not teach, you can still pursue one of the many career paths listed above. A childcare provider can earn a master’s degree program or a certificate. There is a wide range of preparation programs to help those who are interested in entering the child development field. These programs prepare individuals for the necessary licensing exams, as well as basic business skills necessary to be a successful child care provider. They help students develop academic and behavioral skills required to become a licensed child development worker.

Final Tip

Another type of childcare worker that might enjoy a career in child development is the nanny. In most states, becoming certified as a nanny requires an educational background and completion of a national certification exam. The National Association of Specialized Children’s Nannies (NASCN) offers a national certification exam that is designed to provide nannies an excellent opportunity to establish a rewarding career in the child development field. Once employed, certified nannies typically find great success in the career field.


Child development is an exciting and rewarding field. If you are currently working in one of the child development professions but you are not meeting the licensure requirements, or you are not sure which professional path is right for you, consider taking a national certification course. Nannies, administrators and childcare providers benefit from these courses, which offer solid instruction in the essential skills necessary to be successful in their chosen professions. Taking a course today will help you get the recognition you deserve.

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