Child Development Associate Book- All You Need To Know

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CDA or Child Development Associate is the most widely known credential when it comes to Early Childhood Education (ECE). If you are looking for a career in ECE then this is the credential that you must aim for. There are some core subjects that you need to study so that you can become an educator for young children. This credential is a part of the professional development for all the people who wish to become educators and it helps them to provide validity for their skills and knowledge. It is one of the best ways to ensure that you know everything that you need before you educate the impressionable and young minds of children. If you are looking to pass the CDA exam then you need a Child Development Associate Book. This Child Development Associate Book will help you study in-depth and give you the knowledge that you need. 

CDA Exam

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The CDA exam is an important part of the credentialing process and this is the first step that you need to take to get your credit. The exam has 65-questions and it is a computer-based exam that you can take at the Pearson VUE venue. It is the duty of the candidate to schedule the exam for himself after they have received the Ready To Schedule notice from the council. Your knowledge about early childhood education best practices will be tested in the exam. The council will receive the results of your exam electronically. 

Benefits of CDA

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Becoming a CDA can be a fulfilling process and you will love the satisfaction that you will get after you have completed the whole process. This will also add to your confidence of teaching the young children. One of the major benefits of CDA is that you can advance your career and meet the job requirements. The parents of the children that you teach will also feel confident of your abilities if you have passed this exam.

Essential Book for CDA

One of the best books for CDA that you can study is the CDA Prep Guide by Debra Pierce. This book has all the information that you need to pass the exam with flying colors. The book also includes the latest updates in the credentialing process and makes it easier for the candidate to apply and pass the exam. You also get sample forms and documents so that the application process becomes hassle-free for you. 


This is all you need to know about the Child Development Associate Book and you can get the book online as well as offline. If you are looking for a career in ECE then this is the exam that you must focus on. This will help you get the required information and you also have a chance to practice your skills in the right environment.

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