Chew Toys – Ideal For Those Who Love Chewing

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Some children chew throughout the day. The reason behind this may vary from one

child to another. For some, this may be due to a sensory issue; it may also arise

because of dental problems, and in most cases, this is due to their developmental age. However, there are cases in which this chewing issue can be because of some

diagnosis, for example, autism, or it may be a learning disability; it may also be due to global developmental delay. It is essential first to understand why children are mouthing things and then choose the correct chew toys for your child accordingly.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Chew Toys For Your Child

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Parents need to keep a few things in mind while getting chew toys for their children.

1. It is important to notice where and how a child chews.

Chewing is a very sensory thing. Therefore, it is important to notice where and how

your child chews. This will help to select the type of chew toy for your child. You should know if your child chews at the front or the back of their teeth if he or she likes chewing hard or likes sucking before you buy a chew toy for him or her.

2. It is also important to notice what texture and shape they chew, mostly.

It is better to know what texture and shape they prefer chewing before buying a chew

toy for your child.

3. Look if your child is socially comfortable with the chew toy

It is important to know if your child is comfortable using chew toys in public before you give him or her to do so.

Some Chew Toys To Buy For Your Child – 

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1. Chewigem Starter Kit

This chew toy glows in the dark, and children may find it interesting to use. This kit

comes with a button pendant, a hexichew, a child thread bangle, and a booklet with some chewing tips. The dark set looks more attractive than the rainbow set.

2. Brick chew

This stylish chew toy comes in green if you are looking for a tougher chew toy, while the purple one is a softer version of the same chew toy.

3. Berries

This set of chewy beads is colorful and strong to handle tough chewing. This is the best for those children who like fidgeting.


Some other chew toys include the silicone chewable pencil toppers for those children

who are in the habit of chewing pencils, the chew buddy toy, which is extremely cute,

etc. Other chew toys are in the shape of alphabets or in the shape of animals that look interesting as well as attractive.

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