Challenges Faced by a Single Mother in Raising a Child Alone

raising a child alone

Are you a single mother raising your child alone? These are some challenges faced by a single mother in raising a child alone. You will find them quite relatable.

1. Work-Life Challenges

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Parenting has never been harder. According to a Pew survey, fifty-nine percent of full-time working mothers say they don’t have enough leisure time. It’s even harder to balance work and parenting for single working moms. A single mom is supposed to take care of the kids and provide for them all by herself. To be able to provide for the children she often has no choice but to put in extra working hours. Therefore, balancing the professional responsibilities and parenting is a major problem faced by single mothers.

Suggestions for Single Mothers: Keep these suggestions in minds to balance your life as a single mom:

  • Ask for help.
  • Find flexible working hours.
  • Work from home (explore ways to make money as a SAHM).
  • Set boundaries and goals.

2. Guilt, Blame, and Responsibility

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Most single mothers are utterly sick of the motherhood and guilt rhetoric —especially working single mothers. They often feel like they’re forever coming up short when it comes to doing enough for their kids. Not to mention their boss and extended family, and yes, of course, their community. As single mothers, they have to do all of these things alone, and it’s not always easy.

Suggestions for Single Mothers: The good news is that with right strategies you can overcome mom guilt and get the other difficult emotions under control. 

  • Accept that parenting isn’t a competition and there is no right or wrong way to parent.
  • Limit your social media usage.
  • Learn to live in the moment.
  • Spend quality time with your kids.
  • Take time for yourself.
  • Connect with like-minded moms.

3. Emotional Challenges 

Being a single mom means that there is no one there to share the good and bad experiences. She doesn’t have anyone to watch favorite movies with when she can’t find a babysitter. She keeps on juggling between professional and personal lives. As a result, the sense of loneliness and depression starts to creep in

Suggestions for Single Mothers: In these turbulent times, you have to be resilient. Focus on the positive side of solo parenting and-

  • Create a healthy and loving environment for your kid.
  • Be thankful that you are able to provide on your own.
  • Find others to serve as role models.
  • Teach them to play sports or dig for worms or whatever they like to do.
  • Remind yourself that no one is perfect, and you are doing great because your kid is happy and thriving.

4. Financial Strain

Lack of financial support is a reality for many single moms. While it’s true that “money can’t buy happiness”, a lack of money can cause stress, anxiety and limited choices. Single moms are more likely to feel guilty of not providing enough for the kids. The situation aggravates when they are left waiting for child support that never arrives, or they have to pay attorneys to pursue what should be paid.

Suggestions for Single Mothers: Here are the five keys to financial success for single moms:

  • Become frugal.
  • Determine what you owe.
  • Find money to pay down debt.
  • Use a monthly budget template to track expenses..
  • Save for the short- and long-term.

These are some challenges you should be aware of.

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