Celebrations of National Parents Day

national parents day

Every 4th Sunday of June, Americans go all out to show love and gratitude for their parents. It is an occasion worth celebrating not only because it gives both mother and father the chance to take a break from their daily duties but also because it reinforces the idea that no matter how successful anyone becomes in life, one’s mother and father are always at the top of the list of priorities.

1. People express love for their parents

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People express their parents’ importance in so many ways, including giving them gifts and chocolates, taking them to a vacation spot, visiting them despite tight schedules. But one way of telling how much they love their parents is by having what some call the “silent game” with them. It’s an opportunity for both the parents and children to sit down with each other, have a meal, or share stories. It is one quiet moment that allows them to bond without necessarily talking.

2. Spending time with your mother and father

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Spending time with our mothers and fathers may not be easy for the working class. But they make it a point to always find time for their parents, including those who are abroad or out of the country. Just like what one does with friends and partners, we must build such memories as these will strengthen our relationship with them as well as show how much they mean to us—not just on special occasions but throughout our lives.

3. Cherishing moments with your parents

Besides spending time together, it is also important to appreciate how precious these moments are because they don’t happen every single day. One cannot deny the fact that people change as days pass by; hence, these silent game opportunities should be valued since not only do they help one rediscover the essence of their humanity, but they also strengthen family ties.

4. National Parent’s Day is coming up

In observance of this special occasion, a lifesize statue in honor of mothers will be installed at SM Mall of Asia on May 30 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Everyone is invited to witness the said unveiling.

5. Show your appreciation to your parents this year!

While showing love and gratitude for one’s mother and father is expected of all sons and daughters, it pays much to remember that National Parents’ Day will be coming up in just a few days. But regardless of when this day comes, it is always important to express one’s love and appreciation for their parents.

6. Gift for mom and dad

For those who want to show more than just words of thanks, a gift would be the best thing to do. But since they are not kids anymore, it is recommended that one set aside some cash so they can buy them something which will truly make them happy. Needless to say, good relationships do not just happen; they require work, patience, and lots of care. Just like how children love their mothers unconditionally, moms also love their kids the same way—no matter what age they become. Fathers may seem tough sometimes but no one loves their children more than they do.

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