Breastfeeding and Other Early Influencers on Children IQ

According to a study done by researchers of Boston Children’s Hospital, there’s a deep relation between breastfeeding and your child’s intelligence.

However, that’s not the only factor that influences your child’s IQ and their overall development.

Researchers from time to time tried to make a connection between breastfeeding and child development. Additionally, some of them said that breastfeeding has a very big influence on the child’s IQ as children who have been breastfed tend to reach baby milestones faster.

While others gave the bond between mother and child, parents’ education, and their social status more importance as the reasons for increased IQ among children.

Above all, let’s see what the recent study says about the connection between breastfeeding and child’s IQ.

What Does the Recent Study say?

According to the researchers of Boston Children’s Hospital, they did a comprehensive study to figure out what effects breastfeeding has with a child’s IQ.

They collected details from a total of 1,312 mothers on how long the mothers breastfed their baby. They also took notes on whether they exclusively breastfed their babies and how much supplements and foods containing omega-3 fatty acids they’ve consumed. (Omega-3 fatty acid is known to positively influence brain development.)

They found that the longer the mother breastfed their babies, the faster their children hit baby milestones and showed the signs of proper child development.

And they found that breastfeeding could increase a child’s IQ by 4 points by the time they enter the school.

Other Early Influencers of Child’s IQ

Moreover, breastfeeding is a major influencer of a child’s IQ and it helps to boost child development. But this is not the only early influencer of a child’s IQ.

Turns out, there are other important early influencers of a child’s IQ that plays a big role in a child’s cognitive and physical development.

Let’s see what are the other early influencers that play a big role in a child’s IQ,

1.    Their DNA

A child’s DNA plays an important role in determining his/her IQ.

According to an article published on MedCrave, when two siblings grow up together in the same home and environment, they tend to have a more similar IQ than two different adopted children raised in the same home and environment.

That’s why no matter how drastically we change the environment, a child’s DNA will always play a big role in determining his/her IQ.

2.   Pollution and Malnutrition

Raising your children in a polluted environment may not seem to do any mental harm to your children, but they really affect your child badly.

If the mother or the infant is exposed to the pollutant like lead, mercury, and any other heavy metal particles, then it can reduce your child’s IQ.

Breathing polluted air and drinking polluted water while pregnancy can put adverse effects on your child’s development.

Also, if the mother doesn’t get proper nutrients during her pregnancy, then it can greatly reduce her child’s IQ.

3.   Birth Order

According to a study published on 2007, the eldest children tend to have 3 points of higher IQ than their next closest siblings.

But why?

That’s because the first child of any family tends to get more attention and parents normally spend more time with their first child. This accelerates that child’s mental and physical development.

Therefore, the first child tends to achieve his/her developmental milestones faster resulting in higher IQ.

4.   Mother’s Diet While Her Pregnancy

This might seem obvious but a mother’s diet plays a crucial role in her child’s mental and physical development.

For example, if the mother consumed more fish which is often enriched with the omega-3 fatty acids, then her child tends to have better IQ and quickly develops cognitive skills required for academic success.

On the other hand, if the mother didn’t get proper nutrition during her pregnancy, then the chances are, her child is going to have a much lower IQ.

That’s why you should keep a close look at your nutrients table to give your child a good start.

Summing It Up…

Breastfeeding is critical both to your child’s overall physical and mental health. It can help to increase your child’s IQ by up to 4 points that give him/her an added advantage in mentally stimulating tasks.

However, it’s not the only factor that influences your child’s IQ.

Other early influencers like your child’s DNA and his/her birth order can also play an important role in your child’s IQ.

Although you can’t alternate your child’s genetics and his/her birth order, you can help your child to increase his/her IQ early on by focusing on other contributing factors.

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