A Variety of Masters in Child Development Programs

masters in child development

One of the main reasons that people choose to make a Masters in Child Development is for the many career options that it opens up. Some common career fields of those who have this degree include daycare staff management, preschool and elementary school administrators, private daycare providers, or curriculum and teacher education specialist. This is not the case however, as there are also a number of other areas where they can look forward to a great deal of success. Here are some of the top areas in which those who graduate with this degree can find themselves.

An Overview

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Those who have a Masters in Child Development can often go on to become an education specialist. With this education background, they can work at a number of different early childhood centers. The education specialist will be responsible for working with children from birth through approximately the age of five. They often work directly with children who are having a hard time both cognitively and emotionally. An education specialist is also often known as a special education teacher.

A University Masters Degree in Child Development allows students to go on to pursue work in the area of early childhood development. Students can become either a university professor or faculty member. In order to do so, they must have their master’s degree from an accredited university. The University of California – Los Angeles is one of the major universities that offer this program.

Options For Pursuing Masters

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Another option for those pursuing masters in child development is to become an educational therapist. This is a highly respected field. Educational therapy deals with a wide variety of problems that occur within the childhood of children. This includes everything from emotional and behavioral problems to educational issues. The PhD program that you can get in this field often has a tuition fee of approximately $3700 per year. In order to teach in this field, it often requires a master’s degree.

The University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill offers a number of programs for those interested in masters in child development. Those wishing to teach can enroll in the Master of Science in Education program. This four-year program is designed to help you attain your doctorate degree. In order to qualify, you must hold a master’s degree in early childhood education or elementary education. Other requirements include a background in education as well as special training in elementary education and child development.

The University of Texas

Austin has programs that allow students to pursue masters in early childhood education. Those wishing to teach can take up the Master of Science in Education program. In this program, you will receive a bachelor’s degree in education as well as take specialized instruction in classroom techniques, assessment skills, parental/child relationship skills, and other related instruction. Tuition for this program is about $3700 per year.

The University of Florida also offers several professional development programs and master’s degrees in behavioral health for adults. Like the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, the Master of Science in Mental Health and Development is available to those wishing to teach others. For those wanting to teach, you may also elect to take a teaching master’s degree. Teaching students about psychology, education, social work, human services, and related topics will prepare you for a career in public education, college counseling, healthcare, or youth development. Your tuition for this degree is about $3700 per semester.


For additional information on University of Florida programs, you can contact them directly or visit their website. You can also view sample curriculum from past students. There is no tuition required for students who attend the university online. Full-time students in accredited programs who complete all their coursework are eligible for financial assistance.

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