A Christian Child: Tips on Raising a Christian Child

raising christian child

Raising Christian children is no easy task. This is one of the major reasons why many parents prefer to adopt from other cultures. To be able to raise a child that is a true follower of Christ, one must be knowledgeable in all areas of the Bible. This is especially important for Christian parenting since the Bible covers most aspects of life from birth right up to the death of Jesus.

One of the most important aspects of raising Christian children is teaching them the Word of God as it is given to us. In the Christian way of life it is important to learn and follow Bible teachings at every stage of one’s life. The child should also be taught the importance of prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the knowledge of sin and how one is saved from hell.

An Overview

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One of the first steps in raising a Christian child is to choose a name for him or her that is pleasing to the parents. This can take quite some time as there are so many potential names. A good name comes from God, is short and easy to say, and is unique from the rest of the family. Some possible names include: Jordan, John, Peter, James, Jacob, Samuel, Joseph and David.

Another very important factor in deciding the proper name for the child is the child’s initial or christening ceremony. There will likely be an initial meeting between the child and his/her parents where this is first announced. This meeting will often result in a name selection process. Many parents may choose a name in keeping with the religion of their child and this can be great for starting out. However, the child may later decide to pick a different name that does not conform with their religion. Therefore, to avoid a name issue parents should give careful thought to the choice they make.

Raising A Christian Child

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When raising a Christian child, parents must also teach their child the true love of Jesus Christ. This can be done through prayers on a regular basis, daily devotions and praise and thanksgiving. Parents must also teach their children about honesty, integrity, kindness, and those who accept others who might not be able to do so right now. A child should learn that forgiveness is very important and he or she can learn to share mercy and compassion on others. It can be difficult to do this with young children but it can be done.

The child must also have his or her own personal sanctuary that is separate from the family and friends. This might be a room in the house, a play room, or a bed. The child should learn to turn to God for support when he or she is down. He or she should also know the importance of prayer, the word of wisdom, and worship. These will form the foundation for the child’s faith and trust in both God and the Christian community.

When raising a Christian child, parents must also provide a warm, welcoming home for their child. This might mean that parents dress the children in comfortable clothing, make sure they are eating a healthy diet, and spend adequate time playing with them. These things might seem like small things but they form the basis for trust between parent and child. Children also need meaningful activities that foster learning and growth. If these activities take place outside, then parents must make sure they are safe and supervised while they are there.

Bottom Line

Raising a Christian child can be a challenge. It takes work and effort. However, by knowing what types of activities and experiences will help shape the character of their child and give him or her a solid foundation for faith, life, and future success, parents can be better prepared for what they will encounter during this challenging time in their child’s life.

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