10 Ways to Raise a Well-Rounded Kid

Parenting a jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-one child can be fun. It’s really pleasing to see your son or daughter performing exceedingly well in multiple domains. And there many more benefits to just being visually pleasing. Science has shown that people who excel in multiple fields are more confident, are less prone to burnout, and are more successful. Thus, college admission offers are continuously looking for candidates who have a mix of extracurricular activities than just good grades. Hiring managers are following suit and looking exclusively for candidates who are considered well-rounded and have experiences in various sections. Thus, there’s no wonder why parents are looking for ways to raise a well-rounded kid. Here are10 tips to help you out:

1. Push, but in limits

It’s good to encourage your kids to strive for greatness, but not too much. Hobbies should be for enjoyment and should not be practiced on a strict level. Most children feel in the pressure and go into depression for not living up to the expectations.

2. Let your child quit

Quitting something is not an ultimate failure, but is a beginning of something new. Maybe your kid is not good at that particular education or activity and wants to quit. This will free him up for embarking on the next journey rather than being shackled on the same old one.

3. Encourage learning and curiosity

What’s more important than pursuing a hobby is enjoying the experience and learning. Even if your child quits something, you should encourage his willingness to learn new things and drive his curiosity.

4. Praise, but in the right way

Praising is an excellent way to boost his curiosity and liking towards education or activity. But heaping praise only when he succeeds is the wrong way. You should also praise for the efforts, the behavior, the learning experience, and outcomes.

5. Help him get started on reading

Reading is an excellent way to become well-rounded and with good behavior. You should encourage taking up a variety of genres and on various topics for education.

6. Understand your child’s unique learning style

Every child learns differently, so maybe so does your child. As a parent, it’s your job to help figure out how your child learns the best. You should talk to the child care center regarding this to help you out.

7. Expose your child to varying cultures and environment

Experiencing different cultural practices is the single best way of thinking differently. Travel to places with your child and let him experience different aspects of life. You should also send your children to multi-cultural child care centers to encourage a variety of learning.

8. Do not become overprotective

Parents often miss the thin diving line of being protective and overprotective. While in an attempt to ensure your child is doing fine in everything he does, parents often become overprotective and strip children of their freedom. Sometimes, parenting is just better to watch from the sidelines and let your child fail. It’ll help him understand that challenges are part of life.

9. Practice empathy

Img Credit: Kids in Transition to School

Your kid won’t succeed at everything he does and won’t get everything he wishes for. But what at least he should be doing is being empathic for whatever he has. It’s good behavior and crucial life lesson and you yourself should practice being thankful with your child.

10. Ensure enough sleep

Lastly, you should make sure that your child is getting enough sleep. Our brain repairs itself when we’re asleep. Therefore, a quality good night’s sleep is needed for a fresh brain the next morning.

Education is important but to raise a multi-talented kid, you need more than that. You need consistency in your parenting style. You should also ensure that these parenting styles are being met at the child care center. If you need more help regarding raising a well-rounded kid, you can get in touch with a child care specialist.

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